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For an uninterrupted internet connection while using any of your favorite apps(including Sportzfy) on an Android or iOS device, use WARP+. is a product of APNIC(Asia Pacific Network Information Center) and Cloudflare. This VPN add-on handles DNS queries to make the connection faster than ever.

Let’s see how it is helpful in the case of the Sportzfy app.

Information Table

App NameWARP+
File Name1.1.1.1 APK
DeveloperCloudflare, lnc
Size20 MB
RequirementAndroid 5+

Features Of WARP+ WARP, a safe and reliable DNS resolver, that provides secure and fast internet, is more than this. Some of its features will amaze you.

The following features are the core responsibility of by WARP.

Establish A High-Quality Connection Protocol WARP

Cloudflare or has no borders. You can connect your device to the internet even when your area’s internet connection is slow or banned. 

 This app does not change anything on your end; it just simplifies the process by rooting up the internet connection with its protocol.

 Connecting this app can provide a reliable internet source to visit various websites and internet-dependent applications.

 Now, you can watch unlimited live cricket matches on your all-time favorite Sportzfy TV APK. 

Moreover, you can trust this internet connection by security measures, it is the most secure app in terms of browser security.  

Bypass All Connection Barriers

When you are connected with the app by WARP and watching live sports on Sportzfy, it’s more likely you don’t have an internet connection problem now.

The app has a clean and smooth user interface that you would love. You can activate this app with a simple toggle switch, leading to a good internet connection through its protocol. 

Keep Your Account Secure

The VPN application with WARP provides a safe and secure internet connection. 

It’s secure as it does not let anyone track your data or history on the internet. 

In this era of the digital world, it’s crucial to be cautious of your internet and browser safety. The application shields your internet connection from potential thieves and data stealers. 

Furthermore, the application elevates overall security levels for all users so that you can enjoy your favorite sports matches on the Sportzfy TV App. 

Less data Consumption

Unlike other VPNs and DNS, WARP will cost you less internet data. It runs smoothly on Wifi and when it comes to mobile data, the internet speed doesn’t affect too much. So for live streaming on Sportzfy, must ensure that you are using this app for internet connectivity.


As of today, no one can beat WARP+ in terms of fast internet connection and security. The highly optimized protocol ensures the best internet connectivity.

Yes, this Cloudflare connection is used on any of the operating systems including MacOS and Windows. You can use it on Android and iOS too.


In conclusion, the VPN application with WARP makes itself a necessary tool to connect with the internet to enjoy the apps like Sportzfy.

It not only provides you with a good internet connection but enhances the security aspects on your browser end. 

As it enables the secondary internet protocol with your internet connection, you don’t need to worry about any internet interruption or obstacle. Enjoy the smooth user interface or with WARP and a seamless streaming experience with the Sportzfy TV App. 

That’s all from my side, now give me a favor and share this with your friends and family, so they get to know about this amazing app.

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For an uninterrupted internet connection while using any of your favorite apps(including Sportzfy) on an Android or iOS device, use WARP+
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