Apps Like Sportzfy

Apps like Sportzfy for Android

For a single sports event, you may go through the headache of searching on the internet for the best apps. But now, the Sportzfy has solved your problem. This TV app is one of the best apps for any Android device. You can download it for PC and iOS too. 

Among thousands of live-streaming apps like Sportzfy, this will be my first choice for any sports event worldwide. This app beats all other apps with a simple interface, a smooth flow, and premium-quality videos. Be it live-streaming or highlights, this app never disappoints. 

The only bad thing is it’s a uni-entertainment app. You can only enjoy sports and some kids’ entertainment on it.

Here we bring the solution for you. Following is the list of other apps like Sportzfy, that compete in one way or another. 

Live Football TV HD

Live Football TV HD_ A product of Luna Inc. that broke the internet within some years is a great competitor and alternative to the Sportzfy app. For every football league worldwide, this app can be your choice. 

It’s premium-quality video streaming and high-resolution results are unmatching in performance. 

Features Of LIVE Football TV HD

Following are the features that make this app great. 

HD resolution

The app provides HD-resolution videos that users love the most. A High-quality video is all a user wants from an app. Live Football TV HD provides what a user wants. 

Friendly UI

The friendly user interface of the app makes the app interesting for users. It’s easy to use. Any live stream is just a few clicks away. 

Thop TV APK 

Thop TV APK is a blend of sports and other entertainment channels. With its premium features, it is getting popular day by day. Users love running this app on their devices. 

Features Of Thop TV APK

The following are the features that make this app different from others.

Dozens of Categories

This app is great as all different entertainment sources like cartoons, sports, and other entertainment are categorized in a way that can easily be accessed. 

Offline video Downloading

You can watch many videos offline too. This feature adds to the value of the app. Sometimes it’s great to have fun without the internet. Having this app can do wonders in your leisure time without the internet. 

Ghd Sports APK

With 10 million downloads and access to thousands of news and sports events, this app came to rock the market of live streaming. The app provides you with sports entertainment and exciting everyday news with an additional currency converter.  

Features Of Ghd Sports APK

Low data consumption

The app is designed as it consumes less data than other streaming apps. Make this app your default streaming app to make sure your data is in safe hands. 


The app is compatible with low-end devices. You can use the app on low-end devices smoothly. 


This 5Mb app is one of the other apps like sportzfy. The app provides access to over 500 hundred channels live. This worldwide app is compatible with all Android devices and Windows. 

Features Of RTS TV APK

High-Quality video streaming

The RTS TV APK is popular as it provides High-Quality video streaming without distortion. The app provides 500+ channels without lagging. Isn’t it amazing? 

Multiple subtitles

This app also has the option to show subtitles in multiple languages. So if you are a Bangladeshi and want to watch an American program, you can see its subtitles to understand and enjoy the entertainment. 

Stream India APK

Stream India APK is the most underrated app for live streaming. It’s a gem of streaming and yet away from users’ eyes. You will never regret downloading this app for streaming live cricket matches.

 Features Of Stream India APK

No Membership

Stream India APK is free of any subscription. You can watch your favorite streaming for free. There is no need to subscribe or pay or premium membership to watch your favorite sport on this app. 

Wide range of content

This app not only provides cricket streaming but also a large number of TV channels and movies according to your recommendations. The algorithm that personalizes your content for you is the best thing this app has.

FAQs about Apps like sportzfy

There are thousands of apps like sportzfy where you can watch live sports for free. A few are CNF, SonyLIV, Live Football TV APK, etc.

CBS, HULU+ TV, FUBO, and LiveScore are some of the top-notch apps that are best for live-streaming of football matches.

Yes, CNF Sports is free to watch. It is one of the best apps to watch live sports streaming.

To watch live sports on iPhone for free, just install Sportzfy for iOS and enjoy the free entertainment. But remember to read the whole guide so it becomes easy to download and install the app on your iOS device.


If you ask me what’s the best app for live sports? My answer will be Sportzfy without any doubt. But still, other apps like sportzfy compete with this app in one way or another. 

If you aren’t satisfied with the Sportzfy TV app, download one of the above apps and enjoy the live streaming of sports and other entertainment on your Android, iOS, or Windows. 

Last but not least, share this with your friends and family so they get to know the best in business. Tell us which app is performing well and how. So we make sure that our app becomes second to none.

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